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Selecting your eyewear is an important decision. Not only in how your glasses look, but also how they function and feel. That is why we offer the best eyewear selections. Choosing eyeglasses that fit you depends on individual traits such as hair color, face shape, and the type of vision correction you need. Besides complimenting your looks, eyeglasses also need to suit your lifestyle. Please note we have frames for children and adults at all times.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Next Pair of Glasses:

  • Your Work Environment
  • Your Hours of Computer Use
  • Your Hobbies
  • The Amount of Driving You Do Daily
  • Sports and Outdoor Activity

Frame Brands

• Brooks Brothers • Charmant Titanium • Chesterfield
• DIFF • Emozioni • Emporio Armani
• Etnia Barcelona • Fysh • Jimmy Choo
• KLiiK • Lafont • Oliver Peoples
• Penguin • Prada • Ray-Ban
• Silhouette • Steppers • SuperFlex
• Swarovski • Tom Ford • Tory Burch
• Under Armour • Vogue • Yalea

We will stand behind the products we sell and work hard to maintain satisfaction for our patients.

Lenses: If your lenses seem to have a manufacturers defect we will replace the defective lenses one time only at no charge for up to one year from the date of purchase. This also applies to coatings on the lens. Abused lenses will not be warranted. Lenses purchased elsewhere are not covered by any of our warranties.

If a change in prescription is warranted after the lenses have been made, we will remake them one time at no charge within 90 days to six months (depending on your insurance plan) from the original purchase date.

Frames: If any part of your frame breaks due to a manufacturer’s defect, we will repair or replace the defective part or frame one time at no charge to you for up to one year from the date of purchase. Please note that the replacement of frames and determination of misuse or defect is up to the discretion of our Optical Shop. Frames purchased elsewhere are not covered by any of our warranties.

Eyewear purchased at Mosier Eye Center can be adjusted and cleaned at no cost for as long as you own the eyewear. Please note that we cannot be responsible for damage to eyeglasses older than one year while attempting to adjust or repair them.

Refunds, Exchanges, Returns: Lenses and frames cannot be refunded, exchanged, or returned after the order is processed due to the custom nature of the order.


Make your lens shopping easier with this comparison of features, benefits, lens materials and designs.

Anti-Reflective Coating
The purpose of anti-reflective (AR) coating is to reduce the reflection off the lenses. In bad cases, you can actually see the reflection of your eye in the lens. Similar to a scratch-resistant, AR coating is made of a very hard thin film that is layered on the lens. AR coating makes your eyeglass lenses nearly invisible and eliminates lens reflections that cause glare.

Aspheric Lenses
Aspherics are ideal for strong prescriptions because they are flatter and thinner. They also provide better vision than ordinary lenses and look better because they lessen farsighted eye magnification and nearsighted eye minification.

Bifocals and Multifocal Lenses
Bifocals and trifocals come in many sizes and configurations. We will help you choose the right bifocal or trifocal lenses for your needs, depending on whether you sit at a computer all day, work on automobiles, play golf, etc.

Eyeglass Lens Coating
Anti-reflective coating, scratch resistant coating, anti-fog and UV lens treatments are options that enhance your vision and appearance, increase the durability of your eyeglasses and protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

High-Definition Lenses
Learn how new high-definition eyeglass lenses (free-form and wave front lenses) produce sharper vision than regular eyeglass lenses.

Free-Form Lenses
The most popular type of high-definition eyeglass lenses are called free-form lenses. The term “free-form” refers to an advanced manufacturing process that reduces higher-order aberrations such as spherical aberration that occur in eyeglass lenses created with traditional eyeglass lens manufacturing tools and processes.

With free-form lenses (also called digitally surfaced eyeglass lenses), the fabrication of the lenses from wearer’s eyeglass prescription is optimized with advanced manufacturing tools (“surfacing” equipment) that are much more precise than conventional tools. In fact, digital, free-form technology can surface lenses in power intervals of 0.01 diopter (D), compared with 0.125 to 0.25 D increments of conventional eyeglass lens tooling.

The fabrication of some digital, free-form lenses also takes into account how the lenses are positioned in front of the wearer’s eyes when in the eyeglass frame when optimizing the lens power. Other factors that may be considered in the lens customization process include the angle between the eye and the back surface of the lens in different gaze positions (for example, when the wearer is looking off to the side rather than straight through the center of the lens), the frame size and the position of the wearer’s pupil within the frame outline.

With these and possibly other factors taken into account during lens design and fabrication, high-definition eyeglass lenses offer an unprecedented degree of customization and may reduce or eliminate certain higher-order aberrations.

The precisely-made and personalized surfaces of high-definition lenses may help reduce aberrations that limit field of view and cause starbursts, halos and comet-shaped distortions of lights at night. The end result is that high-definition lenses may provide sharper image quality, better peripheral vision, improved contrast sensitivity and less glare at night.

Popular free-form, single vision lenses for the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism include:

      • Unity SVxtra
      • Shamir Autograph Digital SV

Popular free-form progressive lenses for the added correction of presbyopia include:

      • Unity Via Series
      • Shamir Autograph III (Shamir Insight)
      • Varilux Physio Enhanced (Essilor of America)
      • Shamir Intouch

Because creating high-definition lenses requires additional information beyond what is recorded on your eyeglass prescription, your optician usually will take additional measurements when you choose your eyeglass frames.